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Every year, aside from grants, Lakeside relies on donations to meet our yearly operating expenses. Through our programmes, we support disadvantaged and needy families, troubled youths, (ex-)inmates, and more.

By donating, you are helping to pave the way for our beneficiaries to achieve breakthroughs in overcoming life challenges, and enabling them to work towards self-reliance.

Overcoming a lifetime of abuse and rejection

As a child, Pam (not her real name) was abused by her parents. In her teens, she suffered from severe depression. Years later, she experienced a tumultuous divorce and the death of her ex-husband. Things seemed to look up when her family offered to pay for her to further her studies. By the time she had used up her own money, her family went back on their promise and even mistreated Pam’s children.

In desperation, she turned to Lakeside Family Services (Lakeside) for financial help. On one occasion, her Lakeside counsellor learned that she had overdosed on sleeping pills and swiftly sent her to the hospital. She had relapsed into depression. Thankfully, Pam’s life was saved.

Her counsellor worked with her on her feelings of rejection and abandonment by her family. She also helped Pam apply for schemes to clear her debts, build her savings, and rent a flat. Pam found a job, which allowed her to gain financial independence quickly. She also learned to speak up for herself, even to her parents.

Despite the trauma, Pam chose to share her story because she wanted to help others experiencing similar difficulties in life. For people who feel abandoned because they lack family support, they can count on Lakeside to help them get back on their feet.

You can be part of our mission in serving individuals and families in distress, plus disadvantaged children, youths, and seniors. We appeal to you for a kind donation to make a difference for the most vulnerable members of our community. All donations are eligible for 250% tax deduction.

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Funds donated will be used for the specified purpose, or when there is adequate funding, it will be used for other services where most needed.

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