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Lakeside Family Services has served the community since 1993, regardless of race, language, or religion. We develop resilience in disadvantaged children, mould troubled youths into contributing individuals, empower seniors to reach out to vulnerable and isolated seniors, assist ex-offenders in reintegrating into society, and help women with unsupported pregnancies. We are a Registered Charity, Institution of a Public Character (IPC) and a member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS).

Every year, aside from grants, Lakeside relies on donations to meet our yearly operating expenses. By donating, you are helping to pave the way for our beneficiaries to achieve breakthroughs in overcoming life challenges, and enabling them to work towards self-reliance.

Christmas Love Gift

Alicia (not her real name), 40, has come a long way. A single mother of 3, she is determined to pull her young children out of the cycle of poverty and dysfunction that she has been struggling with since young. Her parents divorced when she was only 7. Her mother, diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorders, was a chronic hoarder. Due to the lack of family support and frequent conflicts at home, Alicia dropped out of school, after completing only primary school.

Unable to tolerate the situation any longer, Alicia left home at the age of 14, working to support herself. She got married but found herself shouldering most of the responsibilities of caregiving and providing for the children. As her husband was irresponsible and did not provide for the family, Alicia had no choice but to move back to her mother’s home with her children. Unfortunately, her mother’s hoarding behaviour posed a danger to the children.

With support from Lakeside Family Services (Lakeside), Alicia sought legal aid for her divorce and was granted full custody of her 3 children, who were then enrolled in Lakeside’s Student Care Centre. With this additional help, she was able to find employment. Having also successfully applied for a 2-room rental flat, Alicia and her children (7, 9, and 10) moved into their new home this year.

“I put my children’s needs above my own because I don’t want them to have a broken childhood like I did. I may have my imperfections, but I know I can be a good mother.” – Alicia

Through it all, Alicia has shown tremendous strength, patience, and resilience. With each personal victory, her family is a step closer to the life they dream of. This year, we ask if you would like to share a festive love gift with individuals and families like Alicia’s, who quietly press on every day. Though they have much to overcome, this gift is a reminder that they are not forgotten, because they have friends who cheer them on.

You can touch lives in an immediate and personal way with a gift of any amount. All donations are eligible for 250% tax deduction.

Thank you and have a blessed Christmas.

Campaign ends on 31 December 2020.

Note: All donations are eligible for 250% tax deduction. Funds raised will be used for the purposes specified, or where there is adequate funding, will be used for other services where most needed.

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Funds donated will be used for the specified purpose, or when there is adequate funding, it will be used for other services where most needed.

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