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Every year, aside from grants, Lakeside relies on donations to meet our yearly operating expenses. Through our programmes, we support disadvantaged and needy families, troubled youths, (ex-)inmates, and more.

By donating, you are helping to pave the way for our beneficiaries to achieve breakthroughs in overcoming life challenges, and enabling them to work towards self-reliance.

A lonely senior finds comfort in community

Geetha, 61, used to spend her days cooped up at home due to health and mobility issues, such as a back injury and swollen legs. She has no children, while her husband needs to work overseas in order to help with the household expenses. Due to her limited mobility, she is unable to travel to be with him. Finances are tight, as the money she earns from renting out a room mostly goes to paying her medical bills and her domestic helper.

Prior to her illnesses, Geetha worked in an office, volunteered weekly to cook for an old folks’ home, and was talented in drawing and crocheting. Losing her mobility and active life was a big blow to her. It greatly affected her self-esteem, causing her to spiral in loneliness and depression at home.

Last year, staff from Lakeside’s Kaki Kampong Seniors Wellness Centre (KKSWC) knocked on her door to invite her to our communal dining programme for socially isolated seniors. As she started attending the programme, other seniors came forward to show her care and concern. She felt touched by their kind gestures, and was motivated to keep participating.

Geetha is one of many seniors benefitting from KKSWC’s programmes. These programmes, such as educational talks, workout sessions, interest groups, and performing arts, could help delay or prevent the onset of age-related disease and disability, maintain functional capacity, and stimulate cognitive, visual, spatial, and motor skills.

Join in our mission of helping the seniors and other beneficiaries — individuals and families in distress, disadvantaged children, troubled youths, and ex-offenders. You can touch lives in an immediate and personal way with a gift of any amount. All donations are eligible for 250% tax deduction.

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