A Million Steps

Art for “A Million Steps”


1) Restoration (sold)

2020, mixed media on canvas, 18 inches x 18 inches

Market Price: S$400

Min. Donation Amount: S$400

In Restoration, we are explorers in the woods, chancing upon a clearing that promises breath-taking views. It speaks of the beauty in every soul, the capability for growth in every person, and a return to balance.

The inmates Lakeside serves are no different. In counselling, they unpack the past, affirm their strengths, and restore balance in their lives. With its whimsical colour palette and texture, this piece is a worthy addition to any collection or home.


2) Breakthrough (sold)

2020, mixed media on canvas, 18 inches x 18 inches

Market Price: S$400

Min. Donation Amount: S$400

Breakthrough expresses the emergence from negativities. It captures the exuberance we feel when we make new headway and enter new dimensions.

We cheer for every inmate who has experienced a breakthrough in their lives, especially those who have fought addiction and emerged victorious. They have since entered a new life with their loved ones. Express positivity and say YES to life with this bold and inspiring piece.

The Art of Waves

3) The Art of Waves (sold)

2020, mixed media on canvas, framed work, 20 inches x 30 inches

Market Price: S$700

Min. Donation Amount: S$700

The Art of Waves is an abstraction on how situations and emotions come in waves, undulating, and ever-changing. They are ever present within us, whether in the form of gentle ripples or streams of lava. It is a reminder of our vulnerabilities, in equal parts brave, beautiful, and precious in its honesty.

Being open and honest is the first step many inmates and family members have to take to fully address any issue. Lakeside hopes to be the friend they can trust, no matter which wave is coming next.

About the Fundraiser

Local artist Gloria Keh has kindly donated 3 paintings to Lakeside Family Services (Lakeside) to raise funds for A Million Steps, benefiting (ex-)inmates and their families. These paintings will be available as part of this fundraiser from now until 1 Nov 2020.

Minimum donation amounts are stated above. 250% tax deduction will be offered on the difference between the final donation amount and the market price. This fundraiser will be conducted on a first-come-first-served basis with the following process:

1. Interested donors should email support-us@lakeside.org.sg to indicate (i) The painting they are interested in, and (ii) The proposed donation sum, i.e. the amount the donor offers for the painting, meeting at least the minimum donation amount.

2. Lakeside will email the first interested donor who has completed step (1). After receiving confirmation from Lakeside, the donor should make payment within 3 days. Thereafter, the painting will be reserved for the donor, and we will follow up on delivery or collection.

3. Should the first interested donor be unable to make payment within 3 days, Lakeside will contact the second interested donor and repeat the process.

About the Artist

Gloria Keh, 68, is a Singaporean artist with an impressive body of work. She has won multiple awards and exhibited her art all over the world. Despite the success and recognition, Gloria’s generosity and great love of humanity has led her to sell her paintings only for charity. She calls her work “painted prayers”. Indeed, they are prayers answered for the disadvantaged who benefit when you buy her art. Find out more at https://gloriakeh.com/