A Million Steps raises funds for Lakeside Family Services’ work serving (ex-)inmates and their families.

We aim to inspire hope, reconnect families, and support them in their journey to reintegration.


I started my social work career in 1992 at Lakeside Family Services, reaching out to disadvantaged children, youths and families.

This year, I am going on a 35km Cross-Island Walk from Lakeside to Changi Prison as a sign of my commitment to walk the long journey of recovery and reintegration with prisoners and their families.

Come join me in giving hope and healing to others by taking part in this campaign. Thank you in advance for your kind support!

Teo Tee Loon, Executive Director


Televisit Services

Family Resource Centre

Release Preparation Programme

Case Management

Lakeside provides a wide range of services, including the Family Resource Centre, a one-stop centre for prisoners and their families, which is based at Changi Prison Link Centre.

We also provide Case Management Support for those who are on the Work Release Scheme, as well as life skills workshops through our Release Preparation Programme.

In addition, Lakeside provides Televisit services for families to visit their loved ones in prison through our teleconferencing facility, as well as holistic programmes for financial assistance, family bonding, and casework support after they are released.

While some of these programmes are funded by Singapore Prisons Services, other value-added services still require fundraising support to provide for the needs of ex-inmates and their families.

Staff, volunteers & friends of Lakeside will attempt to walk A Million Steps to raise $280,000.

1 million steps for 1 worthy cause.

Would you join us?


You are welcome to walk with us virtually too! Complete a target of 8km if possible, or any distance, at your own time, at any location.

We will be attempting the challenge between 18-24 October 2020. Join us and clock your steps then if you can, or at anytime before 30 November.

You may track your steps / distance using any fitness app and submit screenshots of the steps / distance covered.

(To simplify the tracking of steps, we are using 1km = 1300 steps)


Share your efforts with your family, friends or colleagues. Invite them to support you by donating or joining the Challenge!

You can create your own unique Giving.sg fundraising page with a personalised message or story. Simply click the button below to visit the A Million Steps Giving.sg page and then click on “Fundraise Now”. Invite your contacts to donate on Giving.sg

(Need help creating your own fundraising page? Click here for instructions)


Direct them to donate through Lakeside’s website


You can make a difference in the lives of (ex-)inmates and their families with a donation. We hope to raise $280,000 and any amount given will be greatly appreciated!



Local artist Gloria Keh has kindly donated 3 paintings to Lakeside Family Services (Lakeside) to raise funds for A Million Steps, benefiting (ex-)inmates and their families. These paintings will be available as part of this fundraiser from now until 1 Nov 2020.


As a school swimming champion, Tan Lee Chiew’s lifelong ambition was to become a professional diver. However, he was introduced to drugs by his peers and everything spiralled out of control, His addiction was so bad that his brother, heartbroken over Lee Chiew’s drug addiction, attempted suicide. He didn’t succeed, but was left a paraplegic with mental health issues.

Today, through Lakeside Family Services, Lee Chiew is on a better path, volunteering with other ex-offenders to serve the elderly and training to become a volunteer counsellor.

Learn more about Lee Chiew’s story, as well as many others like his, and help us remove the walls of stigma and prejudice.

If you need more information or assistance, please contact us at