We care for children in the community, especially those from disadvantaged families. We guide their social and emotional development by providing these programmes:

Lakeside Student Care provides a safe and nurturing environment for children after school and during school holidays. Dedicated teachers supervise their homework and care for their developmental needs. A comprehensive schedule is put together to ensure our children are meaningfully engaged every day.

Every school holiday, exciting programmes are lined up to ensure our children are meaningfully engaged within and beyond our Centres. With the continuous support from our sponsors, partners and volunteers from schools, corporations and individuals, our children look forward to every masterclass, visit and discovery tour, where knowledge comes to life.

The highlight of the year is the Overnight Camp, where our Upper Primary children gather for a 4 days 3 nights camp at a chalet. Their independence will be put to the test as they serve one another and forge closer ties through games, activities and workshops.


Lakeside Student Care (Jurong East)

Blk 302, Jurong East St 32,
#01-22, Singapore 600302

Tel: 6564-9677
Fax: 6564-9876

Lakeside Student Care (Jurong West)

Blk 514, Jurong West St 52,
#01-18, Singapore 640514

Tel: 6567-7270
Fax: 6896-0516

The GRIT Project is a Children and Youth Centre by Lakeside Family Services. We serve children and youth aged between 5 and 18 in the Nanyang community. We providea platform and a space for them to be engaged via a series of programmes and counselling services, designed to stay relevant with children and youth trends and needs.

Through these programmes and services, The GRIT Project aims to provide a safe space for self-discovery and empowerment. We hope to grow our children and youth to be confident, competent, connected, caring and of good character, so they are able to make quality choices in their lives and serve the community.

Pop by The GRIT Project to find out more about our services. Alternatively, click here for more information on our programmes, and follow us on our Instagram page @thegritproject.lakeside for more updates.

If you or your child/ward are 18 years old and under, and would like to sign up for our programmes, send a completed registration form to

Schools may refer students who would benefit from our programmes or services. Send a completed school referral form to

Schools may engage The GRIT Project’s services for school-based engagement or intervention programmes. Drop us an email at


Tel: 6871-8727 

The GRIT Project – Children and Youth Centre
Blk 977, Jurong West St 93,
#01-369, Singapore 640977

Lakeside’s Educational and Psychological Services engage children aged 4 to 10 years old to learn age-appropriate reading skills. We provide reading and behavioural assessments to help children with learning difficulties and behavioural challenges. Children with special needs will be referred to NUS trainee psychologists for further assessment and intervention.

We Can Read programme helps underprivileged children aged 6 to 8 learn phonics, read and love stories. Craft activities and outings (twice a year) are organised to make stories come alive.

StoryTime programme uses stories to teach values to pre-schoolers aged 5 and 6. The weekly session exposes children to storytelling and encourages them to express their feelings and enjoyment of the story through drawing.

Toddler Playroom engages children aged 30 to 36 months old by learning and playing in an active manner. It creates a conducive environment for young ones to socialise and encourages peer learning.

Buddy Reading reaches out to selected low-income children who are unable to read at required grade level. The child will be engaged on a one-to-one reading to monitor his or her reading ability.


Ms Smitha Paul

Tel: 6265-6522

Lakeside Family Services (Taman Jurong)
21 Yung Ho Road, #03-01
The Agape, Singapore 618593

Lakeside’s Creative Arts Programme develops children’s artistic talents and interests through guitar, ukulele and violin classes. The annual Steps and Sounds concert is a highly anticipated event for parents, children and teachers as we celebrate the fruits of their labour.


Ms Cate Tan
Senior Reading Specialist 

Tel: 6265 6522

Lakeside Family Services (Taman Jurong)
21 Yung Ho Road, #03-01 The Agape, Singapore 618593

Lakeside’s Holiday Programme brings underprivileged children and families together for meaningful outings and activities during the school holidays.

ProgrammeTarget GroupPeriodPurpose
Children Day Camp
(1 Day / 3 Days)
7 – 10 years oldMar / Jun / Sep / DecInculcate values
Pre-teens Camp (3D2N)11 – 14 years oldJun / DecEngage pre-teens, and build relationships and equip them with life skills
Pre-teens Workshop11 – 14 years oldOnce A MonthMentor teenagers and equip them with skills to be volunteers within the community.


Ms Jaclyn Tan
Social Worker

Tel: 6564-9722

Lakeside Family Services (Jurong East)
Blk 302, Jurong East St 32,
#01-22, Singapore 600302

Lakeside collaborates with primary schools to conduct programmes to meet the needs of children. Our team of reading specialists help children to enhance their reading abilities and socio-emotional skills.


Ms Vanessa Varga
Social Worker

Email: or

The Grit Project Children and Youth Centre
Blk 977, Jurong West St 93
#01-369, Singapore 640977

Tel: 6871-8727